Friday, November 10, 2006

I'm such a technology immigrant. I swoon over blogs with pictures, buttons, and other bells and whistles and think, "How do they do that?" I have so much to learn! I'll ask my kids......

I took a diversion going home yesterday to check out a new yarn shop, here's the web address: www.double-ewe- yarn.com. The owner, Kelly, said her inventory focus will be natural fibers. I certainly liked what I saw. Of couse, I HAD to bring something home with me. Hopefully, I'll soon learn how to post some photos. This yarn is positively yummy! I had to help myself feel better after ripping (for the third time) the beginnings of sleeves. This is to be my first sweater and I'm having issues with the pretend seam that's knitted in. This, rather than knit separate sleeves which would be later sewn to front and back.

Now, if I was a clever knitter (which I'm not at this point), I'd figure out how to just do separate sleeves and forget the "fake" seam and just be on with it.